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We know that it’s the people within your organization that drive the success of your business. That’s why when we look for talent, we look for the same kinds of people you would hire yourself.

Talent who have the right skills to match the job, the right experience for the position, and the right personality to fit your culture.

Flexible Staffing Options

Your business is dynamic, and your staffing needs can change from one day to the next. When they do, we’ll help you fill those needs with our full-service, nationwide staffing solutions, including: contract, contract-to-hire, direct placement, and payroll of marketing, creative, user experience design, and information technology professionals.

  • Contract Staffing

Whether you need to increase your staff to cover a sudden heavy workload or find a replacement for someone on leave, we’ll find the right fit. And, we’ll handle the payroll to make it as simple as possible.

  • Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Contract-to-hire is the perfect way to try talent out before making them a permanent member of your staff. You pay an hourly rate and we’ll take care of payroll until you’re ready to hire.

  • Direct Placement Staffing

Searching for your next great hire? We can help. Together we’ll figure out exactly what you need. Then we’ll deliver great candidates that match your qualifications. And you only pay a fee when you make your hire.

How We’re Different

We take pride in our unique business model. We understand the work you need done because we do it ourselves with staffing and project-based delivery all under one roof. So when it comes to marketing, creative, user experience design and IT projects, we’ve been there and done that time and again. This personal insight helps ensure a cost-efficient, top quality staffing process that is effective and measurable for you.

You’ll also get:

  • More than just recruiters matching buzzwords on resumes.
  • Staffing managers aligned by business vertical.
  • Recruiting teams aligned by labor category.
  • A dedicated national recruiting team.
  • A consultant advocacy program.
  • A Certified-Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

  I.        Professional Services

We offer Permanent Staffing, Contingent Workforces, Managed Staffing, Direct Relationships and Preferred Supplier Contracts. Our staffing model was constructed to empower your business by increasing the levels of service and commitment in the following areas:

  • 24 x 7 onshore and offshore recruitment teams
  • Account Management
  • Dedicated Recruiters for large accounts
  • Mature Internal Systems to manage the Sourcing Supply Chain
  • Adherence to Program Integrity and Program Metrics

 Staffing Services in the following I.T Service categories

Data warehouse and Business Intelligence development

To deliver on the promise of fast, flexible and cost effective BI and data warehousing, our experts apply a new approach which aligns the business with IT and combines both the classic waterfall and agile methodologies enabling us to deliver important short and long term benefits to our customers, including:

      • Decreased time to market for delivery of BI solutions
      • Optimized and reduced costs of BI solutions
      • Reduced risks and failure of BI projects
      • Quickly adapt BI solutions to evolving business needs
      • Leadership can see immediate value of BI

At Chuify, we understand that there is no “one size fits all” with business intelligence and analytics. We team closely with our customers to ensure that our solutions are aligned to their business needs, customizable and built on state of the art and trustworthy technologies from Microsoft, including SQL Server, SharePoint and Office.

ETL Development and Solutions Using SSIS

Business Systems Analysis

.NET developers and programmers (VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET)

Quality Assurance (Data Quality Analysts)

Modeling (Logical and Physical Modeling)

Application Maintenance

Data Warehouse Support

Database development and Administration

Chuify provides database administration support that can work with your team at a variety of levels.  We can provide a dedicated DBA, or we can work with your internal database team. This support can include database creation, connectivity, maintenance, monitoring, backup and recovery, security, support scripts and patches, management of new login identities, performance tuning, and more.

II.        Consulting Services

Implementation Services – At Chuify, we believe the key to successful implementations is a clear understanding of our clients’ business requirements, appropriate project resourcing, and quality engagement of our clients’ users for support and training. Our project team consists of a project manager, senior business analysts, and supporting representatives from each functional group. Our team provides the following:

  • Work closely with subject matter experts in your organization to establish functional requirements and existing business processes;
  • Understand your business and present optimal modeling options for your team;
  • Train and support core users assigned to the project to facilitate “super” users in your organization;
  • Assist with integrating the application into existing or improved business processes to maximize your value from the solution; and,
  • Remain engaged after the system is in production and facilitate the transition to our support desk.

Six Steps to Success: Chuify Engagement Methodology

III.        IT Services – Includes hardware upgrades, complex custom installations, database creation, and database format conversions

For companies that require technical assistance, Chuify consulting group adds value by providing recommendations for:

  • Hardware and software requirements (e.g. type of server needed);
  • Leadership on how to best manage hardware capabilities; and,
  • Recommended practice implementation strategies.

By reviewing your team’s environment and needs, Chuify consulting group can apply an advanced range of IT and business knowledge to identify a solution that allows your company to achieve end results and quickly move your team to the next level.

Database and data  warehouse development

Business Intelliegence

Data Analysis (Marketing, Manufacturing, Government, Oil & Gas)

Enterprise Resource Planning  – ERP

Program and Project Management
Program Office Solutions
Project Managers (CPM)

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