Help Desk Center of excellence

I.  In Person Support Services Contract Chuify staff would be responsible for managing all the existing ICT Resources and providing technology support and training.  We will ensure the efficient performance of the ICT Support Services Team, maintaining optimal operational conditions of all existing ICT Infrastructure, Information Management Systems and Communication Systems and also ensuring the provision of adequate technical support and training for existing systems, and new systems, as required.

II.  Remote ICT Support Service Contract Remote support contract allows Chuify to provide 24/7 desktop support services by connecting to your network and helping troubleshoot and resolving your technical issues. This is accomplished by giving access and sharing your screen with the help desk service representative who will either guide you step by step on how to resolve the issue while you are in control or the representative will take control and resolve the issue.Remote support has the following benefits

  1. Cost effective – Since no support staff is traveling to your place of business to resolve the issue it costs less.
    Less resolution times to your ICT problems hence improved efficiency and effectiveness
    Secure – you are in charge of accepting a remote connection request from an ICT Staff to assist you.
    Increased Knowledge – you can witness all that the support staff is doing on your computer and ask any questions you may have hence benefiting by learning how to resolve the issues if you ever face the same problem. This would be cost for the county in the long term as it would lead county staff that can resolve their ICT issues without resorting to 3Rd Party support services.
  2. Digital Records and document management  Solutions
  3. Business Intelligence Solutions
  4. Analytics and Reporting Solutions
  5. Data Warehousing Solutions
  6. Health Care Systems
    i.  Patient Management Solutions
    ii. Hospital Management Solutions
  7. Integrated Parking Solutions (IPS)Integrated Parking Solutions is molding the future of parking. Our inventive technology and our innovative  solutions are reshaping the industry. By combining telemetry applications and wireless communication,  we’re providing access to just-in-time information exactly where it’s needed. This is next generation parking.We are bridging the technology gap with intelligent parking systems, moving society toward next generation parking and transportation solutions.It’s time to increase the efficiency, safety and profitability of your parking facilities.  Chuify award winning IPS System will help you do it all.  Our LPR cameras and software empower you to make precision decisions.When safety and efficiency come together like this, you’ll see why Chuify Systems is a company you can  absolutely bank  on.
  8.  Truck and Car Tracking Solutions
  9. efiling Portal –– Allow your clients to file their applications online
  10. Warehouse management Systems
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