Micro Systems Global is a leading provider of technology services and complete I.T solutions to the county governments. Our mission is to guide and help counties to gain maximum benefits from their technology investments. We do this by providing smart solutions to complicated county challenges. We interweave compelling creative design with technical architecture, content strategy and effective deployment of targeted technology solutions that are specific to each county as every county in Kenya has different opportunities and challenges.

We provide the following services to the counties:

1 – Help Desk Center of excellence

        I.            In Person Support Services Contract

Chuify staff would be responsible for managing all the existing ICT Resources and providing technology support and training.  We will ensure the efficient performance of the ICT Support Services Team, maintaining optimal operational conditions of all existing ICT Infrastructure, Information Management Systems and Communication Systems and also ensuring the provision of adequate technical support and training for existing systems, and new systems, as required.

      II.            Remote ICT Support Service Contract

Remote support contract allows Chuify to provide 24/7 desktop support services by connecting to your network and helping troubleshoot and resolving your technical issues. This is accomplished by giving access and sharing your screen with the help desk service representative who will either guide you step by step on how to resolve the issue while you are in control or the representative will take control and resolve the issue.

Remote support has the following benefits

  • Cost effective – Since no support staff is traveling to your place of business to resolve the issue it costs less.
  • Less resolution times to your ICT problems hence improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Secure – you are in charge of accepting a remote connection request from an ICT Staff to assist you.
  • Increased Knowledge – you can witness all that the support staff is doing on your computer and ask any questions you may have hence benefiting by learning how to resolve the issues if you ever face the same problem. This would be cost for the county in the long term as it would lead county staff that can resolve their ICT issues without resorting to 3Rd Party support services.

2 – Digital Records and document management services and systems

3 – Financial, accounting and control systems installation and support

4 – Public facing services and content strategy

5 – Custom software application development and support

6 – Mobile and Cloud Technology Solutions

7 – Education systems development to increase enrollment and management of students in the County education system.

8 – Health Care Systems development

9 – Analytics and reporting systems

10 – Permanent Staffing services in the following professional areas

  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Computer programmers and software developers
  • Desktop support representatives
  • Data Analysts
  • Reporting Analysts
  • Researchers
  • Engineers (Electrical, Civil, Mechanical and water engineers)
  • Agricultural Extension officers
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